“Nekrarchon” formed in 2014 at Athens, Greece and raised as a concept band.
Sound references are related with extreme, chaotic views of darkness merged with lyrics focused in introversion, nihilism, skepticism and transcendentalism.
In the beginning of 2016 the band integrate their first album called “Gehinnam” which is a concept album and released by “FDA REKOTZ” label at 27/5/2016. Drums Arrangement made by Fotis Benardo at Devasoundz Studios, mix & master by Dionysis Dimitrakos at Descent Studio and artwork by Apostolos Polymeris at Seventea Studios. Also, an official video for the album’s track called “Repentance” directed by John Kaimakamis and theNightwatchers.

Archon – Vocals/Guitar
Haydes – Guitar
Azrael – Bass
Hryshaorr – Drums